Social Projects

İzmir Kaşkaloğlu Göz Hastanesi

Kaşkaloğlu Forrest

With the contribution of Kaşkaloğlu Eye Hospital ophthalmologist and other employees, in 2007, the 10000-tree Kaşkaloğlu Forest project was financed at Urla Ege Orman Vakfı. Our employees joined the tree planting. Our is forest continuing to grow very well.

Kaşkaloğlu Cowparade İzmir 2010

Please contact 0 232 465 05 05 for more information.

Art activity organized for social solidarity supported CowParade İzmir 2010 project under the name of “Ege Guzeli” – prepared by our master Fahri Sümer.

Kaşkaloğlu Paintings

Below you will find our paint collection that is displayed in our hospital. These paintings are painted by some of the most famous Turkish Painters…