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**What is Blepharoplasty?**

Eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty) is one of the most commonly performed functional and aesthetic facial plastic surgical procedures. This cosmetic eye surgery deals with the contours of the upper and lower eyelid space.

This procedure involves the removal of excess skin and muscle from the upper or lower eyelid and either reduces or repositions the underlying fat to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Upper eyelid surgery focuses on the region between the eyebrow and the eyelashes, while lower eyelid surgery addresses the area between the eyelashes and the cheek.

**Why Do People Get Eyelid Surgery?**

An eye lift procedure can be performed for any of the following reasons:

– To address a tired look, commonly caused by hereditary factors and age-related changes, leading to drooping skin and bulginess on the inner aspect of the eyelid.

– To remove excess skin, muscle, and fat in the lower lid, which causes a lined appearance and the presence of ‘bags’ under the eyes.

– To improve the symmetry of the eyelids when they appear asymmetrical.

– To correct saggy upper eyelid skin (ptosis) that obstructs the visual field and affects lateral vision.

**Who is Suitable for Eyelid Lift Surgery?**

Your surgeon will assess your suitability for eyelid surgery during your initial consultation. They will evaluate any factors that may increase surgical risk, such as diabetes, thyroid eye disease, and issues with dry eyes. If you smoke, your surgeon may recommend that you stop smoking for a few weeks before the surgery, as smoking can slow down the recovery process.

**What Does Blepharoplasty Surgery Involve?**

Blepharoplasty is performed under local anesthesia with sedation for shorter procedures or general anesthesia for longer ones to ensure it is painless.

**Upper Blepharoplasty:**

During an upper eyelid lift, your surgeon will make precise markings to indicate areas with excess fat and skin. They will then make an incision along the natural eyelid crease and remove any excess skin, fat, or muscle. For patients with dry eyes, less tissue will be removed to avoid increased exposure of the eye to air and worsening of symptoms. The incision is then closed, and the scar is hidden within the natural fold of your eye.

**Lower Blepharoplasty:**

For a lower eyelid lift, the incision will be made inside your lower eyelid or below your eyelashes, allowing the surgeon to remove or reposition excess fat.

**How Painful Is Eyelid Surgery?**

The operation is performed under anesthesia, and your surgeon will apply antibiotic ointment to your eye immediately after surgery, which can cause blurred vision. It is normal to experience dry eyes, numbness, and surface irritation for a short time after the procedure.

**How Long Does Eyelid Surgery Take?**

The duration of the procedure will depend on the level of surgery required, but generally, eyelid surgery is expected to take between 45 minutes and one and a half hours.

**Eyelid Surgery Results and Recovery:**

Most patients report satisfaction with the results of their eyelid surgery, experiencing an improved self-image. Patients with ptosis benefit from improvements to their visual field. After the operation, your surgeon will likely apply sticky thin strips to support your eyelid. Known as suture strips, these can usually be removed around one week later. You are advised to avoid strenuous activity for one week and will not be able to drive for a few days after the operation. The recovery process for upper and lower eyelid lifts is usually quite quick. You can expect to return to your normal routine within a day or two of your treatment, although bruising may be visible for up to a fortnight. Double eyelid surgery on both your upper and lower eyelids may require a longer recovery period of two to three weeks.

**Eyelid Surgery Risks:**

Eyelid surgery is a safe and predictable procedure offering significant aesthetic and functional benefits. However, like all surgeries, there are some risks with the procedure, and these will be discussed with you.

**Eye and Facial Wrinkles and Lines:**

In addition to eyelid surgery, we offer various treatments for wrinkles in the area around the eyes and the face in general. Among these are botulinum toxin, including Botox®, and facial fillers.

– Botulinum toxin (Botox®) is used to treat fine lines in the face, particularly in the upper face, including crow’s feet, forehead lines, and inter-brow areas. It is not a permanent treatment but can have long-term benefits. It can also be used to treat eyelid and facial twitching and migraines.

– Fillers, such as Restylane® and Juvederm®, can be used to treat deeper lines and are useful in facial reconstruction.


(Note: Additional information may be provided during the initial consultation.)

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