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Kaskaloglu Eye Hospital providing latest laser treatments since 1992 specialized in Lasik and Refractive lens exchange.


Best eye Surgery In Turkey

Lasik (Laser Vision Correction)

WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT GLASSES OR CONTACTS? We, at Kaskaloglu Eye Hospital have been performing surgery for the elimination glasses or contacts since 1990.

Lens Replacement

No more glasses! Correction of presbyopia at the age from 45 years old: multifocal lenses.


Cataract treatment by multifocal lense exchange.

Eye Aesthetic

Eyelid surgery aims to improve the general appearance of the eye area, including a reduction of puffiness or drooping related to aging and/or heredity.


For the correction of vision disorders, we offer the full range of treatments within refractive surgery and make it possible for our patients to live a life free from glasses. Would you like to live without glasses or contact lenses? We can help you with a laser eye treatment or lens treatment. Contact Us! mail: info@kaskaloglu.com Whatsapp and tel: +90532 5961601

Which treatment is best for you depends on your vision disorder, diopter values and other medical eye parameters, which are all determined in an eye examination. After a detailed and personal consultation, an intensive preliminary examination we will determine which procedure you are suitable for.

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