Izmir Kaşkaloğlu Eye Hospital


We offer affordable prices for international-standard health care. Contact us for the latest price list. We will send you the link for the current price list.

These prices don’t just include your medical treatment. They also include:

  • Preliminary examination*;
  • Operation;
  • Post-operative examination;
  • Complete organization of all treatments and appointments;
  • Transfers between your hotel and the hospital;
  • English-language hosting at Kaskaloglu Eye Hospital;
  • 10-year guarantee for any necessary retreatment.

Best Price and No Hidden Cost

When comparing prices for LASIK surgery across different hospitals, it is important to make sure you’re comparing prices for the same service:  Femto Wavefront-LASIK or laser lens replacement. Remember it is all about experience!

If you are privately insured, some of your costs may be reimbursed. We can provide a cost estimate or receipt for you to submit to the insurance company.

Please allow at two to four days for your trip to Izmir. Kaşkaloğlu staff is more than happy to help make your travel arrangements and bookings.