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Kaskaloglu Eye Hospital provides the latest laser treatments since 1992. We are specialized in Lasik and Refractive lens exchange.

Best Eye Surgery In Turkey

Kaskaloglu Eye Hospıtal

Lasik (Laser Vision Correction)

If you want to live without glasses or contact lenses, then laser eye surgery is for you.

Lens Replacement

Do you wear glasses for distance and near? No more glasses with trifocal lens implants.


Femto laser cataract treatment trifocal lens exchange.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery aims to improve the general appearance of the eye area, including a reduction of puffiness or drooping related to aging and/or heredity.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is often related to aging and is thus often referred to as age-related macular degeneration.

ICL (Implantable Contact Lens)

For high refractive errors and for eyes not suitable for laser vision correction

Diabetic retinopathy

For high refractive errors and for eyes not suitable for laser vision correction

Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is an emergency situation in which the retina at the back of the eye is detached from..


Glaucoma is a disease in which the optic nerve is damaged, leading to a progressive, irreversible loss of vision.

Contact Lens

Following a routine eye examination at Kaskaloglu Eye Hospital, your doctor will evaluate the cornea with an Orbscan..

Eye Examinations

Ultrasonography, Pachymetry, Ultrasonic Biometry, IOLMASTER optical biometry, Humphrey 740 Visual Field..

Stay informed about visual impairments and examinations performed in our hospital. Watch our videos, and check out the latest news of from hospital.

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