We, at Kaskaloglu Eye Hospital have been performing surgery for the elimination glasses or contacts since 1990. Today the most common operation is LASIK with the use of Intralase femtolaser and Excimer laser. The second laser option is LASEK.  There are certain criteria in order to perform LASIK or  LASEK mainly: corneal thickness, curvature, the range of the refractive error, also the age.  If your  eye is not suitable for laser surgery there are other options. For example if your refractive error is very high the best option would be ICL or if you are older than 40 RLE.


If you are interested to know more about your options,  make an appointment now with one of our doctors by calling 0090 532 3766498 to contact an assistant in English, or you can e-mail us from here: info@kaskaloglu.com or by filling the contact form on this  web site. If you want to contact us in German  just send an e-mail with phone number, we call you back in German.