A new alternative for dry Age Related Macular Degeneration! What is the Valeda™ system?

İzmir Kaşkaloğlu Göz Hastanesi

A new alternative for dry   Age Related Macular Degeneration! We have this system for over 2 years.

What is the Valeda™ system?

The Valeda™
Light Transmission System (LDS) was developed by LumiThera. The system is the
first approved treatment for dry-type macular degeneration using photobiomodulation (PBM). PBM has been used for a long time and is used for a number of different diseases, including muscle repair; wound healing; improving muscle performance and many other applications. PMB uses light to stimulate
cells. This improves their function by stimulating the energy production inside the cells.

Who is Valeda treatment suitable for?

Your ophthalmologist will evaluate each patient for their suitability for Valeda. Valeda treatment is used in patients with Dry type macular degeneration with visual impairment. Some promising results have been obtained with the use of
Valeda in the early stages of dry macular degeneration to prevent or delay the progression of dry macular degeneration.

How does it work?

Photobiomodulation therapy, or cold laser therapy as it was previously known, uses wavelengths of red, yellow, and near-infrared light to rejuvenate at the cellular level. Without treatment, Dry type macular degeneration may progress as you get older,
causing vision loss. Studies have shown that Valeda photobiomodulation therapy can improve visual outcomes. In the aging eye, cells can become diseased, causing loss of function and cell death. Valeda works by stimulating the energy
production inside the eye cells and improves their ability to fulfill their role. Healthy cells are essential for good eye health.

What does Valeda treatment include?

You will need to remove your glasses and contact lenses before your treatment. You will not need any special eye drops for this treatment. The treatment involves sitting in front of the Valeda Light Distribution System, similar to when you have your eye examined by the ophthalmologist.

How often do you need to have Valeda treatment?

You will normally need a series of treatments. You will usually have 1 treatment session 3 times a week for 3 weeks. If you miss a session, you can make up for it in 3-4 weeks.

What are the risks or side effects of Valeda treatment?

Valeda therapy is a form of photobiomodulation, which is a low-level light therapy to help cells improve their function. This photobiomodulation technique has been used for other diseases and conditions. Clinical studies have shown that this is a safe procedure. As with any medical treatment, there may be some patients who may not respond or may not be effective.